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Campaign Goals


Creatives for
an ad-campaign

High cost efficiency


Creators suitable for the
 brand and
proven concepts ensure 
high conversion rates



Creatives for an ad-campaign
or for the brand channel

High brand safety & cost efficiency

Creators as credible
promoters of a brand

UGC + Micro

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to be quick, and you can expect to have the final videos within 10-15 working days.

There is no maximum, but it depends on your campaign goals and marketing strategy. We recommend starting with a test batch of 10 videos created by up to 4 creators.

Sure, that’s possible, especially when you are looking for content to be uploaded on your social accounts. Because that way, you can link to the creators' profiles, effectively showcasing them as authentic promoters of your brand.

We have a portfolio of hand-picked and diverse creators. After defining the campaign's scope and target audience, we create a personalized preselection from which you can choose.

After an initial introductory meeting, we dive right in in drafting the concepts, and within 20 working days, you'll have your content ready.

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Many companies have entrusted us with the production of video content, the development of concepts and storyboards, and/or the management of their media budget. Below you can find a selection of our partners.

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