Introducing the Brand Club: Real Referral Marketing comes from Genuine Brand Lovers

Genuine, satisfied customers of a brand can enthusiastically talk about their favorite products. This enthusiasm can be harnessed to reach and convince other customers. That's what The Brand Club is all about. Our recent post on the misinterpretation of some studies regarding the effectiveness of UGC (User-Generated Content) has stayed with us.

We ask ourselves:

How can we utilize the immense credibility of unpaid recommendations or reviews to effectively promote a product or brand?

We are convinced that referral marketing is the key. People trust other people who authentically and credibly vouch for a product. Ideally, these are individuals from one’s own circle, with whom one shares attitudes or tastes. However, the number of personally known people is limited.

This is where creators with a vast reach come into play. They might not be personal acquaintances, but they are still perceived as likable and trustworthy. The fact that they get paid for product endorsements can, however, diminish trust in their recommendations.

The solution?

  • We need to reach many people while maintaining the highest credibility. Genuine and satisfied customers of a brand can enthusiastically talk about products and share their personal experiences. This enthusiasm should be harnessed to reach and convince other potential customers.

For this reason, we are launching The Brand Club, a program that turns customers into genuine brand ambassadors. Whether on the purchase completion page, in the order confirmation email, on the website, or on a brand’s social media channels – here we identify real brand lovers and target them specifically for our program.

The deal?

  • They create videos about their positive experiences with a product or explain why they are fans of a brand, and in return, they receive free products or other benefits. These videos are then used in an ad campaign or uploaded as an organic post on the brand channel.

Admittedly, this approach is not revolutionary. But as an agency specialized in UGC, we have the necessary experience in selecting suitable creators. We can assess their potential and creative abilities and know how to guide them effectively to ultimately produce authentic and high-quality content. Moreover, we take care of all the administrative effort and respond to applications.

We believe that this form of customer engagement is where the magic happens. When customers share their genuine love for a product, their content becomes more than just marketing; it becomes a testimony to the quality and value of a brand. It’s about turning customers into a vibrant community of advocates, where each member has the power to influence and attract new users by simply sharing their honest experiences.

The impact of such authentic endorsements is compounded when these testimonials are shared across social media platforms. Unlike traditional ads, which consumers have learned to tune out, genuine customer stories have a way of cutting through the noise and capturing attention. This not only boosts the brand’s visibility but also reinforces its credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

Creating an ecosystem that fosters this type of marketing requires a delicate balance. It’s about providing enough incentives to encourage participation while ensuring that the content produced remains authentic and true to the customer’s actual experience. It is a community-driven approach that values the voices of customers above the noise of paid advertising.

Moreover, The Brand Club is more than just a program; it’s a movement towards more transparency and trust in marketing. We want to empower customers to become the storytellers of the brands they love, to offer them a platform where their voices are heard, and their contributions valued.

In conclusion, the power of genuine customer advocacy cannot be overstated. In a world where consumers are bombarded with advertising from all angles, the authentic voice of a happy customer stands out. It’s persuasive, it’s relatable, and above all, it’s real. This is the future of marketing – real people, real stories, and real connections. Welcome to The Brand Club, where authenticity is not just a buzzword, it’s the foundation of everything we do.

Please contact us for more information. Of course, we also welcome your opinion on how advertising on social media can be returned to its roots: namely, to be authentic referral marketing on a larger scale.

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